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DLUHC’s Funding Service Design team is improving DLUHC’s funding service – we are redesigning key elements to improve the user experience and reduce the administrative burden and costs of distributing funding. 

To do this, we need to grow our team and so we are recruiting developers, user researchers and interaction designers. 

On Thursday, 25 April, and Friday, 26 April, we are holding our first virtual Digital Recruitment Days.  

Our goal is to meet people who are interested in the roles we are looking to fill and give them a chance to find out more about us and our work. For the right people, we’re looking to make job offers immediately after the event. Find out more and apply to attend:  

User Researcher (25 April)  Interaction Designer (25 April)  Senior Developer (26 April)  What our colleagues like about their jobs 

To help potential candidates decide whether one of our roles is right for them, we asked our teammates what they liked about their job and their team. They had loads of feedback and we have grouped it into 4 buckets: our mission, the products and tech, the work, and the team. 

The mission 

Our colleagues said they value: 

The sense of camaraderie and shared mission  Constant opportunities to solve new problems  Being at the sharp end of policy implementation  Knowing our work has a direct and visible impact on people  The fact that the tools they build play an important role nationwide in getting financial support to some of the areas and people that need it the most  The products and the technology 

Our colleagues said they like: 

Having a real continuous improvement model where people want to make things better, and these items getting prioritised (rather than languishing forever on the backlog!)  A relatively modern software base, not hampered by connecting to unwieldy legacy systems  Their microservices architecture, which allows developers to understand, contribute and own system components as early as possible, democratising the development process  That the products they are working on are far from maturity, and are changing all the time – this means there is loads of opportunity to make higher-level design decisions, which is empowering and rewarding  From a developer point of view, having ownership of a great deal of their processes and services, so there's scope to get more involved and contribute to deployments, pipelines and how our services are managed  The work 

Our colleagues said they value: 

Opportunities to learn and develop their career in areas they didn’t think possible, as well as colleagues who are prepared to support them on that journey  Opportunities to get involved in design and discussions around how the team works and what the product should do  Having a great work/life balance, with flexibility in working hours and no micro-management, which means they can find a rhythm that allows them to produce value without feeling like an automaton, while balancing periods of intense concentration with an ability to take a break  The team 

Our colleagues said they like: 

Working in cross-functional teams with a clear vision for the future and a roadmap to support that vision  Having a really supportive team of great people who are skilled, willing to learn and genuinely passionate about what we are trying to achieve  Adherence to Agile principles and ways of working, with well-defined roles and small, mixed working groups, which leads to strong channels of communication and a clear narrative around the team's progress and objectives  The fact that everyone wants to learn and develop their own skills, and is willing to support others in their learning and development  Lovely, smiley people throughout the team, at all levels  Seeing ministers in the flesh in the office  Regular away days, which are great for meeting everyone and feeling part of something bigger  The good vibes – welcoming, friendly teams of people who are all dedicated to doing their best work  Meet us at our virtual recruitment days 

If it sounds like something you’d like to be part of, join us and let’s chat.  

Use the links at the top of this post to apply and attend. 

If you have any questions, contact our recruitment team:  

Find out more about working at DLUHC and the work we do in Funding Service Design.

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