DIO commemorates 80 years since D-Day

This year, the UK will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings on 6 June 1944. There will be a series of major events across the UK and in France.

D-Day saw the Allied Forces mount a large-scale invasion of Nazi-occupied France that ultimately tipped the course of the Second World War in the Allies' favour.

Here at DIO, we have been reflecting on what we do to preserve this heritage.

How this wall was used to prepare for the Normandy landings

A two metre concrete wall is seen in the countryside, with grass in the foreground and tall trees in the background. The wall has a large hole in the middle, created by ammunition to practice breaching the wall.

Hidden away deep in the Surrey countryside sits a piece of iconic British history. A structure that Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) proudly cares for that helped the Allies prepare for the D-Day landings in 1944.  

A replica of the Nazi-built Atlantic Wall can be found on Hankley Common on the MOD training estate. The reinforced structure measures 100m long, 3m high... read more


Op Nightingale: Digging Band of Brothers

Volunteers from Operation Nightingale have uncovered secrets from a former US military site.

Defence Infrastructure Senior Archaeologist Richard Osgood led an Op Nightingale Dig at a site in Aldbourne, Wiltshire which has significant links to the preparations for the  D-Day landings.

The dig, which aligns with the 80th anniversary year of D-Day landings, excavated where the US Army’s 506th regiment of the 101st Airborne Division were... read more

seen at 18:39, 3 June in Inside DIO.
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