Center Parcs: Welcoming back both guests and staff

Raj Singh-Dehal, Chief Corporate Officer at Center Parcs, explains how the government's detailed guidance gave confidence to implement safety measures and therefore reopen. Find out how you can work safely here. 

Video transcript

Following publication of the government’s detailed guidance for our sector, we’re now confident that we can bring our colleagues back to work and once again, welcome guests back to Center Parcs.

Before our 9,500 employees return to work, every single one of them will undergo vigorous training, on how to keep themselves safe, keep their families and fellow colleagues safe, as well as keeping our guests safe, through a range of measures.

We all know that good hand hygiene is really important in stopping the transmission of Covid-19 and to support this, we’ve introduced hand sanitisation points throughout the village for our people and guests to use as they move around.

Social distancing and keeping apart from other people also remains very important and we’ve placed signage and markings on the ground, both indoors and outdoors to remind people to stay apart.

We’ve gone cashless across our villages and we’d ask guests to book and pay online.

We’ll be regularly cleaning and disinfecting public areas throughout the day, paying particular attention to touch points, such as handrails, door handles, counter tops and work surfaces.

We’re also allowing ourselves even more time to deep clean lodges, in between departing and arriving guests so all of our guests can stay with absolute confidence.

We know things are going to feel a little bit different for a period of time but we’re absolutely convinced that this is the right thing to do to enable us to keep everyone safe.

seen at 18:34, 30 July in Coronavirus Business Support.
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