Guidance: LRS organisational portal

Updated: We have published the Learning Records Service: release 1905.01.

Access the Learning Records Service organisational portal.

Learners retain the same unique learner number (ULN) for accessing their personal learning record (PLR) throughout their lives whatever level of learning they attain and wherever they choose to undertake education, training and learning.

Each unique learner number (ULN) is issued and held by the LRS organisation portal. They are for people who use the numbers to index learner identity details as well as education and training qualifications within the PLR.

You can find your ULN on award certificates or results slips. If you cannot find it ask your current or previous learning provider to collect it from the LRS organisation portal or to create a ULN for you.

Monthly headline report

This report shows summary counts of 40 report lines that are grouped into 7 sub-sets as trends for the last 6 months.

The seven sub-sets include counts from:

learner records bulk learner registration achievements data load organisations and user accounts search for learner by demographics verify learner search for learner by unique learner number (ULN)

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