Guidance: Businesses who have signed the Armed Forces Covenant (company names with U to Z)

Updated: Addition of 'Virtua UK Limited', 'Voluntary Action Swindon' and 'Wensleydale Railway Association (Trust) Ltd' armed forces covenant pledges

About the Armed Forces Covenant for businesses

The Armed Forces Covenant for businesses is a voluntary pledge made by organisations who wish to demonstrate their concrete support for the armed forces community. It complements the Armed Forces Covenant and sits alongside the community covenant.

All covenants signed by businesses include a core statement of commitment that those adopting the scheme sign up to. This covers the 2 key principles of the armed forces covenant, which are:

no member of the armed forces community should face disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen in some circumstances special treatment may be appropriate, especially for the injured or bereaved

Each organisation is then encouraged to offer support in a way most appropriate to their situation and capacity, with the pledge document including a ‘menu’ of options for them to sign up to. This menu covers employment support for veterans, reservists, service spouses and partners, as well as support for cadet units, Armed Forces Day, and discounts for the armed forces community. There is also an opportunity for companies and charitable organisations to add their own commitments based on local circumstances

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Local copy of Ubiq_Cyber_Ltd_Armed_Forces_Covenant_20190320.pdf
Local copy of United_Avia_Services_Ltd_Armed_Forces_Covenant_20190326.pdf
Local copy of University_of_Strathclyde_Armed_Forces_Covenant_20190318.pdf
Local copy of Virtua_UK_Limited_Armed_Forces_Covenant_20190319.pdf
Local copy of Voluntary_Action_Swindon_Armed_Forces_Covenant_20190403.pdf
Local copy of Wales_Probation_Services_Armed_Forces_Covenant_20190315.pdf
Local copy of Welsh_Water_Armed_Forces_Covenant_20190315.pdf
Local copy of Wensleydale_Railway_Association__Trust__Ltd_Armed_Foces_Covenant_20190302.pdf
Local copy of Whole_Life_Consultants_Ltd_Armed_Forces_Covenant-20190318.pdf
Local copy of Wolseley_Managed_Services__Chester_Le_Street__Armed_Forces_Covenant_20190313.pdf
Local copy of Workplace_Safety_Group_Armed_Forces_Covenant_20190326.docx.pdf
Local copy of Xreach_Limited_Armed_Forces_Covenant_20190314.pdf

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