Research and analysis: Gastrointestinal infections and foodborne outbreaks in humans, England and Wales

Updated: Added HPR 13(13), February and March 2019 report.

These data reports are monthly unless otherwise indicated. They comprise:

general outbreaks of foodborne illness (including causative organism and number of people ill) laboratory reports of cases of common enteric infections (Campylobacter, STEC O157, Salmonella, Shigella sonnei, Shigella flexneri, rotavirus, norovirus, Cryptosporidium and Giardia), with weekly and cumulative totals, reported to Public Health England (PHE’s) Second Generation Surveillance System (SGSS), including stratification by serovar and/or species where appropriate, for Salmonella spp. and Shigella spp. laboratory reports on other enteric diseases, with cumulative totals (quarterly)

For previously published data reports, see:

Salmonella and shigella laboratory reports 2018 Common GI infections: laboratory reports Less common GI infections: quarterly laboratory reports

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