Guidance: NDTMS: reference data

Updated: Updated 'NDTMS reference data: core dataset O'.

This is a reference document that defines the text to codal values, known as the reference data, to use with the NDTMS data set. Data items apply to young people and adults within community and secure-setting based treatment providers.

Treatment providers can refer to this document when inputting data items into the NDTMS.

Reference data is defined as relatively static data and is used as a way of validating data entry. It is usually used to control the contents of drop-down lists and similar items. This document gives the allowed values for each of the reference items in the NDTMS datasets.

Dataset N refers to the current version for national data collection, effective from 1 April 2017. Dataset O refers to future national data collection, effective from 1 April 2018.

This document is part of a collection of documents that support the reporting requirements for the NDTMS dataset.

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