Open consultation: Consultation on implementing the 2016 amendments to the maritime labour convention into UK law

Overview of this consultation

This consultation seeks your views on implementing the mandatory provisions of the 2016 amendments to the maritime labour convention 2006 (MLC) into UK law, to allow a maritime labour certificate of compliance to be endorsed for a period not exceeding 5 months after its expiry date, if a ship has successfully completed a MLC renewal inspection.

Views sought

Your views are sought in the following areas;

i. The text of the draft regulations; The Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention) (Extension of Maritime Labour Certificate) (Amendment) Regulations (Annex A) ii. The economic assessment set out in the De Minimis Assessment (DMA). (Annex B) iii. The proposed amendment to section 8 of Merchant Shipping Notice 1848 to provide guidance on the changes (Annex C)

A full list of consultation questions is contained in Section 5 of this consultation.


This consultation is open from 20th March closing on the 27th March 2019.


Consultation responses should be emailed to Any questions should also be sent to this email address.

When responding, representative groups are asked to give a summary of the people and organisations they represent, and, where relevant, who else they have consulted in reaching their conclusions.

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