Guidance: Decision Summaries

Updated: Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg: Fel rhan o'n hymrwymiad i ddarparu gwybodaeth am barôl yn Gymraeg a Saesneg, erbyn hyn rydym wedi diweddaru nifer o adrannau ar ein tudalennau gwe i'r ddwy iaith. Welsh Language Scheme: As part of our commitment to providing information about parole in English and Welsh we have now updated a number of sections on our web pages into both languages.

A member of the public can now request a summary of any Parole Board decision made on or after 22 May 2018.

To make a request, please include the following information in an email to

Your full name Email/postal address Details of your involvement with the case, if any Name of offender and prison number – if you do not know the prison number, please provide as much identifying information as you can The reason for your request

Please note: you may only request one summary per email submitted

The Parole Board can refuse to give a summary, or remove details as necessary, when the information could or does:

Adversely affect the successful rehabilitation or progress towards rehabilitation of any offender; Place the safety of any person/s in jeopardy, through threats or other harmful behaviour; Relate to a young offender - under the age of 18; Relate to any offender released from a secure Mental Health Unit; Breach any outstanding court orders; Relate to any ongoing investigations; Threaten national security; Go against the public interest to disclose.

If you are signed up to the Victim Contact Scheme, please submit your request via your Victim Liaison Officer.

If you are interested in joining the VCS please email:

If you would like to give feedback on a summary decision, please go here

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