Guidance: Managing change: reducing teacher workload

Updated: Included case studies 'Impact of technology on teacher workload: Witton Park Academy', 'Practical tools: tackling workload to improve wellbeing in King Charles I school', 'Handout: summary sheet to accompany workshop' and video 'Reducing workload in your school'.

School leaders and teachers have prepared these materials to help staff reduce workload related to managing change in schools.

Use the workshop with staff to help you plan your yearly calendar and avoid pinch points.

Use the practice examples to see what techniques other schools have been using to manage change, such as an impact matrix (the example given is for reviewing marking and assessment, but it can be adapted for other areas).

Ways to reduce workload in your school also includes short advice about managing change.

Our 3-stage guide to Reducing workload in your school explains how to use the workload toolkit.

These materials are part of stage 2. Stage 1 contains tools to help you carry out a workload audit, and stage 3 contains tools to help schools evaluate the impact of changes after a workload review.

What works in schools Reducing workload in your school Impact of technology on teacher workload: Witton Park Academy Using technology to aid school improvement and reduce workload Using technology for effective change How to let tech take the strain in your school How to spread out your teaching workload Acknowledgements

We would like to thank all of the staff who contributed their time to sharing the practical examples and case studies found on this page.

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