Closed consultation: River basin planning: working together

Updated: Added the summary of consultation responses and detail of consultation outcome.

The current river basin management plans were published in February 2016. The plans must be reviewed and updated every 6 years. The first consultation on updating the plans is the Working Together consultation.

The Working Together consultation seeks your views on:

how other plans and strategies affect, or are affected by, the river basin management plans the proposed timetable and content of the work programme to review and update the river basin management plans whether all relevant stakeholders have been identified how people can get involved in the review and update of the river basin management plans

Find out more about river basin planning and future consultations on the river basin management consultations webpage.

Download the consultation summary

Summary of consultation responses River basin planning 2021- working together consultation response report for England (PDF, 662KB, 56 pages) .

Detail of outcome

Working together was the first consultation in reviewing and updating the river basin management plans for 2021. It set out the steps and consultation measures that we are required to take in preparation of the updated river basin management plans. It ran for six months between 22 June 2018 and 22 December 2018. We received 148 responses, from a variety of groups and individuals, including the water industry, local authorities, catchment groups, local wildlife groups, and research organisations.

This document summarises your responses and outlines how we are going to use this information to help us shape this cycle of river basin planning and how we plan to engage and work with others in the future.

Original consultation Summary

The Environment Agency is consulting on the update to the river basin management plans for 2021. This consultation was held on another website. You can view the responses submitted (where consent was given to publish) on this website. This consultation ran from 22 June 2018 to 22 December 2018.

Local copy of River_basin_planning_2021-_working_together_consultation_response_report_for_Englandv2.pdf

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