Statistical data set: Commodity prices

Updated: Updated with weekly datasets.

Prices for selected agricultural and horticultural produce are published on a weekly or monthly basis in the following spreadsheets. The data source depends on the item but includes prices collected by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) or obtained from other organisations or trade journals.

NOTE: The format of the banana price series has been changed to improve presentation and assist comparison of price information. This change is effective from 4th February 2019.

If you require datasets in another format such as Excel, please contact

Animal feed (straights) - monthly (ODS, 58.1KB)

Bananas (wholesale) - current week (ODS, 20.5KB)

Bananas (wholesale) - weekly from 1995 to date (ODS, 597KB)

Cattle compensation prices - monthly (ODS, 87KB)

Cattle, sheep and pigs, finished stock (Great Britain) – monthly (ODS, 19.7KB)

Livestock, store stock (Great Britain) - monthly (ODS, 63.5KB)

Discontinued datasets from April 2016

These datasets will remain on this webpage but are no longer being updated as the data is available on other websites. Details of where these prices can be found are given within each of the datasets.

Eggs and poultry (wholesale) - weekly (ODS, 140KB)

Hay and straw - monthly (ODS, 23.2KB)

Livestock (store stock, England & Wales) - monthly (ODS, 203KB)

Price series for cereals - weekly (ODS, 215KB)

Price series for poultry, eggs, butter, cheese, potatoes and sugar - weekly (ODS, 260KB)

Price series for finished cattle, sheep and pigs - weekly (ODS, 232KB)

Quantities sold and price of cereals (England & Wales) - weekly (ODS, 146KB)

Defra statistics: prices


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