Impact assessment: HS2 Phase 2a Supplementary Environmental Statement 2 and Additional Provision 2 Environmental Statement Volume 5: Ecology and biodiversity

The reports present:

baseline data associated with designated sites that were not reported in the main ES, SES1 or AP1 ES and are relevant to the SES2 and AP2 a summary of local/parish level effects on ecological receptors as a result of the SES2 changes and AP2 amendments a summary of any new or different supplementary ecological baseline data that does not lead to new or different likely significant effects from those reported in the main ES, as amended by the SES1 and AP1 ES. It includes updated Phase 1 habitat survey baseline data and new information on designated nature conservation sites. an addendum to the Habitats Regulations Assessment screening for Pasturefields Salt Marsh Special Area of Conservation.

The map book contains maps illustrating updated ecological baseline data for designated sites relevant to the SES2 changes and AP2 amendments.

These documents have been published as part of the HS2 Phase 2a SES2 and AP2 ES for the route between the West Midlands and Crewe.

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