Transparency data: Contract terminations and exclusions

Updated: Updated terminated civil and crime contracts 2017 to 2018 published. Terminated civil and crime contracts 2018 to 2019 published. Civil and crime contract sanctions 2018 to 2019 published.

Above are details of providers that have had their contracts terminated by the LAA in the Contract & Work Administration (CWA) system.

The lists are separated into crime and civil terminations and there are separate lists for each financial year commencing from 2010-11.

These lists will be updated on a 6 monthly basis.

The excluded individuals list is published to raise awareness and reduce the risk of legal aid providers using any excluded individuals.

This list will be regularly reviewed and updated as and when required to ensure accuracy.

Local copy of 181015_Exclusions_2018_FINAL_.pdf
Local copy of Terminated_Civil_Contracts_1819_v01.pdf
Local copy of Terminated_Crime_Contracts_1819_v01.pdf
Local copy of Civil_Sanctions_1819_v01.pdf
Local copy of Crime_Sanctions_1819_v01_.pdf
Local copy of Terminated_Civil_Contracts_1718_v01.pdf
Local copy of Terminated_Crime_Contracts_1718_v01.pdf
Local copy of Civil_Sanctions_for_publishing_on_GOV_UK__Apr17_-_Mar18.pdf
Local copy of Crime_Sanctions_for_publishing_on_GOV_UK_Apr17-Mar18_.pdf
Local copy of terminated-civil-contracts-16-17.pdf
Local copy of terminated-crime-contracts-16-17.pdf
Local copy of terminated-civil-contracts-15-16.pdf
Local copy of terminated-crime-contracts15-16.pdf
Local copy of terminated-civil-contracts-14-15.pdf
Local copy of terminated-crime-contracts-14-15.pdf
Local copy of terminated-civil-contracts-13-14.pdf
Local copy of terminated-crime-contracts-13-14.pdf
Local copy of terminated-civil-contracts-12-13.pdf
Local copy of terminated-crime-contracts-12-13.pdf
Local copy of terminated-civil-contracts-11-12.pdf
Local copy of terminated-crime-contracts-11-12.pdf
Local copy of terminated-civil-contracts-10-11.pdf
Local copy of terminated-crime-contracts-10-11.pdf

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