Guidance: Italy - UK qualified solicitors and Italian qualified lawyers

Updated: Updated 12 March 2018

UK qualified solicitors practising in Italy have the authority to issue or witness documents, such as certified copies of original documents, certifications of identity, power of attorney, statutory declarations and affidavits and affirmations/ oaths only where these are required to be produced in the UK (or other English-speaking or Commonwealth countries which recognises the status of the UK Solicitor. This must be checked with the requesting authority). Documents witnessed by a UK qualified solicitor will not usually be recognised or accepted by authorities in Italy.

An Italian qualified lawyer (avvocato) unlike a UK qualified solicitor or Italian notary, does NOT have the authority to certify legal documents for use in the UK or in Italy.

Italian notaries are qualified lawyers who are also appointed as public officers by the State. A notary in Italy is required by law to witness and register specific deeds and agreements such as property transfers, powers of attorney as well as supervise payments such as stamp duty. Notaries may certify Italian documents as true copies of the originals and authenticate signatures. This authentication will be recognised by any Italian authority. Some English-speaking notaries may be prepared to certify copies or witness documents in English, for use abroad.

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