Statistical data set: Outcome of unduly lenient sentence referrals

Updated: Updated weekly statistics

Members of the public can ask the Attorney General’s office to examine sentences handed down by Crown Courts in England and Wales within 28 days of sentencing under the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme (ULS).

This document is intended to assist the public in reviewing cases which have recently been submitted to the Attorney General’s office. This includes the sentences examined, the outcome and details of the cases. This data is updated weekly.

Please note that as reporting restrictions exist in a number of these cases, names of all offenders have been truncated to only include offenders’ initials. Members of the public can still search for specific cases by knowing the offence, court of sentence and original sentence.

In cases involving multiple offenders; while each offender is listed separately, they are linked by a unique case reference number. The reason for the referral could relate to one substantive error made during sentencing which has affected multiple sentencing decisions, regardless of the number of offenders involved.

Find out more on how to ask for a Crown Court sentence to be reviewed as well as further guidance about unduly lenient sentences.

ULS stat publication 13 February (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 23.4KB)

ULS stat publication 13 February (CSV, 16.6KB)

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