Research and analysis: Recommendations for Peru’s Marine Energy Strategy

The aim of the project “Promoting aquatic renewable energy to increase energy diversity” is to promote Peru’s aquatic renewable energy potential by combining information on Peru’s resources with the identification of specific and achievable steps that government, industry and the R&D community could take to enable and support the development of aquatic renewable energy projects.

This project was funded by the FCO’s Prosperity Fund. It has been undertaken by UK company Aquatera ltd and tailored to the Peruvian situation through consultation with local stakeholders. We thank The Ministry of Energy and Mines and The Ministry of Environment for their help and support during the completion of this study.

For more information on this project and marine energy in South America, please contact: Natalia Rojas (Team Leader Aquatera) or Silvana Rebaza (UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office – British Embassy Lima).

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