Corporate report: Ministry of Justice: Civil Service people survey results 2017

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) highlight report is a composite report of the results for the organisations in MOJ ‘family’ that took part in the 2017 Civil Service People Survey. This includes:

Her Majesty’s Prison Service Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service National Probation Service MOJ HQ Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service HQ Legal Aid Agency, Office of the Public Guardian Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.
Local copy of moj-people-survey-corporate-report-2017.pdf
Local copy of moj-hq-people-survery-2017.pdf
Local copy of hmpps-overall-people-survey-2017.pdf
Local copy of hmpps-people-survey-2017.pdf
Local copy of hmps-people-survey-2017.pdf
Local copy of nps-people-survery-2017.pdf
Local copy of hmcts-people-survey-2017.pdf
Local copy of cica-people-survery-2017.pdf
Local copy of laa-people-survey-2017.pdf
Local copy of opg-people-survey-2017.pdf

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