Research and analysis: Small Modular Reactors: Techno-Economic Assessment

In March 2015, government commissioned an independent Techno-Economic Assessment (TEA) of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in order to contribute to the evidence base and help inform policy decisions.

There are a total of 7 projects that make up the TEA:

Project 1: Comprehensive analysis and assessment of SMRs. Led by Atkins Project 2: Systems optimisation modelling for SMRs. Led by the Energy Technologies Institute Project 3: Assessment of emerging SMR technologies. Led by the National Nuclear Laboratory Project 4: Assessment of UK regulatory regime for SMRs. Led by Checkendon Hill Projects 5-7: SMR Cost reduction study. Led by EY Project 5 – Advanced manufacturing Project 6 – Advanced assembly, modularisation and construction Project 7 – Control, operation and electric systems
Local copy of TEA_Project_1_Vol_1_-_Comprehensive_Analysis_and_Assessment_SMRs.pdf
Local copy of TEA_Project_2_Summary_Report_-_Systems_Optimisation_Modelling_SMRs.pdf
Local copy of TEA_Project_2_Technical_Report_-_Systems_Optimisation_Modelling_SMRs.pdf
Local copy of TEA_Project_2_SESO_2_4_-_Systems_Optimisation_Modelling_SMRs.xlsx
Local copy of TEA_Project_2_SESO_2_4_Added_Runs_-_Systems_Optimisation_Modelling_SMRs.xlsx
Local copy of TEA_Project_2_SESO_2_5_-_Systems_Optimisation_Modelling_SMRs.xlsx
Local copy of TEA_Project_2_SESO_2_6_-_Systems_Optimisation_Modelling_SMRs.xlsx
Local copy of TEA_Project_3_-_Assessment_of_Emerging_SMR_Technologies.pdf
Local copy of TEA_Project_3_-_Literature_Review_of_Emerging_SMR_Technologies.pdf
Local copy of TEA_Project_4_Vol_1_-_Assessment_of_UK_Regulatory_Regime_for_SMRs.pdf
Local copy of TEA_Projects_5-7_-_SMR_Cost_Reduction_Study.pdf

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