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Updated: Updated with statistical notice and dataset for October 2017.

This monthly official statistics notice includes information on the volume of milk used by dairies in England and Wales in the production of drinking milk and milk products. The monthly official statistics on the use of milk by dairies in England and Wales are combined with similar information from Scotland and Northern Ireland to produce a dataset for the UK as a whole. This gives UK milk availability and disposals and the production of liquid drinking milk and milk products such as cheese, butter and milk powders.

Additional information UK supplies of milk products

Production and overseas trade are brought together in the quarterly milk product supplies dataset. This provides information on how much butter, cheese, cream, condensed milk and milk powders is available for use in the UK, and gives a measure of UK self-sufficiency for these products.

Due to significant revisions to Northern Ireland data for 2016, the quarterly supplies dataset has been re-issued to maintain comparability with the monthly production data.

Size distributions of UK dairy companies

These tables show the structure of the UK dairy industry, both in terms of the number of enterprises producing milk products and also in terms of the volumes of production of milk, butter and cheese. Frequency distributions are a useful method for showing whether the structure of an industry is changing over time so these tables are produced on a three yearly basis, for comparison.

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