Official Statistics: Non-domestic rating: challenges and changes, 2017 and 2010 rating lists, September 2017 (experimental)

Released: 07 December 2017 Next Release: February 2018 Frequency of release: Quarterly Coverage: England and Wales

This release includes statistics relating to checks and challenges under the new Check Challenge Appeal (CCA) system used for the 2017 rating list in England.

This release also contains statistics on challenges against, and changes made to, the 2010 rating lists for England and Wales and challenges against the 2017 rating list for Wales only up to 30 September 2017. Statistics on reviews of (changes to) the 2017 rating list for England and Wales are also included.

These statistics will be expanded in future releases depending on user needs, and data availability and quality. There will be an update of the full publication in February 2018.

This publication is labelled as “experimental”, consistent with the UK Statistics Authority guidance on new statistical outputs. This helps users to identify those new official statistics that are undergoing evaluation and where we’re actively inviting feedback on their usefulness. Comments, which will help inform future releases, may be sent to

The “experimental” classification should not be interpreted as a qualifier of the content itself: all the statistical tables released are based on sound methods and assured quality, consistent with the Code of Practice for official statistics. However, during the “experimental” period the VOA will continue to develop the publication, and so the presentation and content is liable to change. Content may be added to or replaced by equivalent statistics if other forms are found to be more useful or reliable.

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