Research and analysis: London homelessness social impact bond evaluation

The London homelessness social impact bond programme was launched in November 2012. The aim was to use new finance and ways of working to improve the outcomes for 830 rough sleepers whose complex needs were not being met.

The impact evaluation report presents the results of the assessment of the impact of the intervention on rough sleeping, reconnections and entry into long-term accommodation.

The final qualitative evaluation report and executive summary provide an overview of, and learning from, the programme, including material and analysis from previous reports.

The learning summaries are based on the qualitative evaluation and draw out a number of key lessons.

Local copy of SIB_Impact_evaluation_report.pdf
Local copy of Qualitative_Evaluation_of_the_London_Homelessness_SIB_exec_summary.pdf
Local copy of Qualitative_Evaluation_of_the_London_Homelessness_SIB.pdf
Local copy of Commissioning_Social_Impact_Bonds.pdf
Local copy of The_Navigator_Model.pdf

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