Research and analysis: Renewable energy planning database monthly extract

Updated: September 2017 database.

The Renewable Energy Planning Database (REPD) is updated and published every month.

It provides BEIS with robust data that is used to track renewable electricity projects as they move through the planning system.

The data is used to forecast trends in renewable electricity generation as part of monitoring progress against the UK’s renewable energy target. This requires 15% of the UK’s energy to come from renewables by 2020.

The REPD also helps us to identify possible issues with the policy, incentive mechanisms and planning process. Other government departments, industry, stakeholders and the public also make use of the database.

The REPD shows projects that have applied for planning permission in the previous month or earlier for projects with a capacity greater than, or equal to, 1MW. It reflects the latest position known to BEIS. The first tab of the Excel spreadsheet sets out the definitions, and the second tab is the database.

Some sites may appear more than once, such as where applications have been re-submitted or a separate application for an extension has been made.

We have archived the October 2014 version of the REPD which was the last version to include projects with a capacity between 10kw and 1MW. We also archived subsequent published versions of the REPD (1MW+ only). Please email if you would like any of these versions of the database emailed to you. Please remember that these older versions will not reflect the latest position on all projects included in the database.

The database sources data mostly from the web and developers. If you have information about a renewable energy scheme not included in this database, or you spot any inaccuracies in the information provided, please let us know via

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