Statistical data set: Agriculture in the United Kingdom data sets

Updated: Chapter 3 dataset revised to correct error in table 3.2, agriculture share of GVA percentage.

These data sets accompany the tables and charts in each chapter of the 2016 Agriculture in the United Kingdom publication. There is no data set associated with chapter 1 of that publication.

Chapter 2 - the structure of the industry (ODS, 47.6KB)

Chapter 3 - farming income (ODS, 80.8KB)

Chapter 4 - accounts (ODS, 161KB)

Chapter 5 - productivity (ODS, 140KB)

Chapter 6 - prices (ODS, 39.9KB)

Chapter 7 - crops (ODS, 196KB)

Chapter 8 - livestock (ODS, 119KB)

Chapter 9 - intermediate consumption (ODS, 62.4KB)

Chapter 10 - public payments (ODS, 50.1KB)

Chapter 11 - environment (ODS, 41.3KB)

Chapter 12 - organic farming (ODS, 30KB)

Chapter 13 - overseas trade (ODS, 70.1KB)

Chapter 14 - the food chain (ODS, 59.3KB)

Chapter 15 - key statistics for the EU (ODS, 24.3KB)

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