Guidance: NCSP: patient information leaflets

Updated: Updated the leaflets with the new website link and the sexual health helpline and minicom number.

These NCSP materials are for local use. Campaign resources can also be downloaded from the NHS Choices Sexual Health Professional website.

Local copy of NCSP_Patient_Information_Leaflet_July_2017_-_English.pdf
Local copy of NCSP_Patient_Information_Leaflet_July_2017_-_Arabic.pdf
Local copy of NCSP_Patient_Information_Leaflet_July_2017_-_Bengali.pdf
Local copy of NCSP_Patient_Information_Leaflet_July_2017_-_Spanish.pdf
Local copy of NCSP_Patient_Information_Leaflet_July_2017_-_Somali.pdf
Local copy of NCSP_Patient_Information_Leaflet_July_2017_-_Polish.pdf
Local copy of NCSP_Patient_Information_Leaflet_July_2017_-_Lithuanian.pdf
Local copy of NCSP_Patient_Information_Leaflet_July_2017_-_Chinese.pdf
Local copy of NCSP_Patient_Information_Leaflet_July_2017_-_Nepalese.pdf
Local copy of NCSP_Patient_Information_Leaflet_July_2017_-_Urdu.pdf

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