News story: Civil news: use 0300 200 2020 to call Online Support

Remember to dial 0300 200 2020 when you need help from our Online Support team.

We are making preparations to shut down the old telephone number of 0203 334 6664 for technical support enquiries. LAA Portal users will have seen a ‘pop up’ notice advising them of our plans.

Further notice will be given before we shut the number down permanently. At present you can still call the number and be redirected to 0300 200 2020. But this will not be possible indefinitely.

When calling the customer service team on 0300 200 2020 remember to ask for option 2 if you need help with technical or system issues.

Further information

Legal aid agency – see the contact section for a breakdown of useful numbers.

seen at 10:30, 20 April in Announcements on GOV.UK.
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