Correspondence: Bovine TB: authorisation for supplementary badger control in 2019

Natural England has authorised the licence holders to resume operations in 2 supplementary badger control areas in Gloucestershire and Somerset in 2019. The licence holders met all the criteria specified in Defra’s guidance to Natural England, dated May 2018.

Operations are carried out under a 5-year licence. This allows culling to take place in the licensed control area every year between 1 June and 31 January inclusive.

The start date for control operations within this period will be decided by the licensed companies.

Natural England has confirmed to the licence holders the maximum and minimum numbers of badgers that will be subject to control operations.

The licences only permit badger control to take place outside these close seasons:

controlled shooting – 1 February to 31 May cage-trapping and shooting – 1 December to 31 May
Local copy of gloucestershire-authorisation-letter-2019.pdf
Local copy of somerset-authorisation-letter-2019.pdf

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