Guidance: CLA return 2018 to 2019: technical specification

Updated: Updated guidance documents. The changes are listed in the version history.

This is technical information about submitting and validating data for the children looked after data return (also known as SSDA903) for the year 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

It is for:

suppliers creating management information software (MIS) for local authorities users of local authority MIS software

The information includes:

a summary of the data items we collect in the return an explanation of formats for submitting the data a list of validation checks applied to the data return

Software suppliers should use the XML schema file to make sure local authorities provide XML data correctly. Note that we will test this schema once we finish developing the children looked after data collection system. If we need to amend the schema after testing it, we’ll publish a new version here.

A guide for local authorities, with detailed explanations of what information to include for each data item, is also available.

Local copy of CLA_SSDA903_2018-19_Technical_specification_Version_1.2.pdf
Local copy of CLA_SSDA903_2018-19_Validation_rules_Version1.2.pdf

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