Guidance: Individualised learner record (ILR): check that data is accurate

Updated: We have updated the FIS and data returns known issues 2018 to 2019 spreadsheet.

Funding information system (FIS)

FIS is one of a number of software packages freely available to further education providers, to assist with preparing ILR data files prior to submission. It can be used by colleges, training organisations, local authorities and employers (FE providers) to:

validate individualised learner record (ILR) data calculate funding and derived variables create a range of reports based on a set of ILR data amalgamate data sets

Download FIS from the Hub

Submitting ILR data manually

An ILR learner entry tool is available for download. This software is supplied free of charge to providers who will submit ILR data to ESFA but who do not have access to a data management system. It is optional to use ILR Learner Entry to prepare data files prior to submission to the ESFA’s data collection portal. You will need to ensure that you are using the version for the correct academic year as the new version has been updated to reflect the ILR changes.

You can download the ILR learner entry tool from the useful links area on the front page of the Hub.

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