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Updated: New events IP Training for Cultural Organisations - (Birmingham) 27 November 2018 and (Manchester) 28 November 2018 added.

There are numerous events throughout the UK and abroad which have an intellectual property or business focus. The calendar is updated regularly so keep checking it to see what’s new.

Business training and support The events team

We offer support to business through workshops and tailored seminars. These give an overview of intellectual property (IP) and how it can help businesses

Events cover;

general or tailored content trademarks patents copyright designs

For more information please visit our web page at Intellectual Property Events or by e-mailing

Technical training

We are responsible for making sure our patent examiners are expert in the technologies relevant to patent applications. We have good training relationships with British universities.

We also arrange technical visits to the UK research and development facilities of our patent customers. If you’d like to offer a technical visit or a technical talk on your latest innovations, please contact us by phone on 01633 814545 or by e-mailing

Customer visits programme

Representatives meet regularly with our patent customers to keep them informed of our latest policies and working practices, and to gather feedback on our services. If you’d like to take part in our customer visit programme, please contact us by phone on 01633 813886 or by emailing

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