Form: Annual appraisal for forensic pathologists

Updated: Updated forms and guidance: guidance on description of practice; appraisal feedback form; guidance on annual appraisal for forensic pathologists.

Use these forms if you are a forensic pathologist who is involved in an annual appraisal process.

Guidance on the appraisal process includes information on:

when to submit supporting information to your appraiser what to discuss in the appraisal protocol for investigations or disciplinary procedures how to sign off an appraisal

Guidance on how to prepare your description of practice is also available.

Local copy of 2016-17_Appraisal_Form_v14.odt
Local copy of 2016-17_Appendix_1_Significant_event_form.odt
Local copy of 2016-17_Appendix_2_Complaint_Form.odt
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Local copy of 2016-17_Description_of_practice_work_v5.odt
Local copy of 2017-18_Guidance_for_description_of_practice_v4.odt
Local copy of Appraisal_Feedback_Form_v2.odt
Local copy of 2016-17_Checklist_for_Appraisal_Form_v1.odt

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