Open consultation: National Policy Statement for new nuclear above 1GW post 2025: siting criteria and process

National Policy Statements (NPS) establish the case for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, as defined in the Planning Act 2008. The current nuclear power NPS lists 8 sites as potentially suitable for the deployment of new nuclear power stations by the end of 2025.

We are considering the planning framework for nuclear power generation for the long term by starting work towards a new NPS for nuclear power generation for deployment after 2025. The first step towards this new NPS is to consult on the process and criteria for designating potentially suitable sites for the deployment of new nuclear power stations between 2026 to 2035 and with over 1GW of single reactor electricity generating capacity. There will be a further consultation on the draft NPS, which will build on the outcome of this consultation.

As part of the designation of the NPS, an Assessment of Sustainability (AoS) will also be undertaken. The scoping report on the AoS sets out how itwill be undertaken, the level and type of information it will cover, and how it will be integrated into the development of the proposed new NPS for nuclear. The consultation on the AoS scoping report is primarily aimed at statutory consultees.

We are keen for views on the proposed process and criteria from industry, local authorities, regulators and non-departmental public bodies, NGOs and local residents.

Local copy of FINAL_NPS_siting_consultation_document.pdf
Local copy of AoS_Scoping_Consultation_FINAL_v2_hp.pdf
Local copy of Scoping_Appendix_A_Plans_Policies_and_Programmes.pdf
Local copy of Scoping_Appendix_B_Baseline.pdf
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