Transparency data: New school proposals

Updated: Updated 'Local authorities seeking proposers' to add specifications for new schools in Lichfield, Staffordshire; Western Expansion Area, Milton Keynes; and Colchester, Essex. Updated 'Section 6A approved/under consideration schools' to add Alconbury Weald special school to 'schools under consideration'.

‘Local authorities seeking proposers’ contains details of all local authorities seeking proposers to establish a new academy or free school.

It includes the:

name of the local authority location of the new school phase of education capacity of the school sponsor application closing date link to the local authority specification and application form

‘Section 6A approved/under consideration schools’ contains details of:

academies and free schools which have approval free schools which don’t have approval yet under the ‘academies/free school presumption’ section of the Education and Inspections Act 2006

It includes the:

date of decision name of the local authority proposed location of the school at the time of approval phase of education proposed opening date at the time of approval (which can change)

Read the ‘Free school presumption’ document for guidance on the process for establishing new schools.

Local copy of Details_of_local_authorities_currently_seeking_proposers.ods
Local copy of Details_of_local_authorities_currently_seeking_proposers.xlsx
Local copy of Section_6A_approved_and_under_consideration_schools.ods
Local copy of Section_6A_approved_and_under_consideration_schools.xlsx

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